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Barista Training and Workshops


Half-Day Intensives

Espressions’ Intensive Barista Training curriculum is geared toward commercial clients needing staff trained
in the barista arts. 

Training is included with the purchase of commerical espresso equipment.

Espressions' half-day barista course includes the following:

  • Commercial Espresso Equipment Overview
  • Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Espresso Grind Adjustment
  • Tamping Technique
  • Proper Shot Parameters
  • Milk Steaming
  • Drink Construction
  • Barista Customer Service

"A coffee bar is only as good as the consistency of the product from barista to barista. Espressions brought a level of professionalism, consistency and expertise to our baristas' product that we were not able to achieve on our own. We are extremely pleased with the results of our barista training by Espressions - - we highly recommend it to anyone looking for top-shelf baristas!"
Kate Tobias of buzzberry® coffee & smoothies
Scottsdale, AZ

“We've purchased two espresso machines from Espressions and have taken advantage of the barista trainings offered with those. Both times, we have been extremely pleased with the results. Our staff members were so well-trained that they were capable of training all of the new hires that were brought in after training. The team at Espressions is so friendly, helpful and attentive. Thank you, Espressions! You have helped our shop tremendously.”
Coffee Shop Manager


"Espressions has always kept us up-to-date with not only products, but recipes, as well. Not only are they great to work with, but also very educational. They care about us and our business. Owning a small business is tough and it is great to have a partner like Espressions. The whole crew makes sure we have our products when we need, as well as the consistency we require."
Matt Simon, Owner
Nora Jean's Koffee Kitchen, Black Canyon City