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Big Train and Pacific Foods




BIG TRAIN Frozen Drink Products

Big Train

Blender Mixes, Chai Mixes and Fit Frappes

Big Train® makes professional beverage mixes that deliver exceptional flavor and results every time. Big Train® is proud of its unique All-American spirit and even prouder of its purpose – to be an invaluable resource and champion for food service destinations and home baristas everywhere.

FROZEN BEAN Frappe Powders

frozen bean

Frozen Bean uses only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, resulting in delectable blends of specialty beverages that are simple to make, from Cookie Butter to Matcha Green Tea.

ESPRESSIONS Frappe Powders


Espressions is proud to present its own line of frappe powders – Blender Base and Sweet Cream. The Blender Base is an unflavored frappe base to use when customizing your own frozen drinks. It blends perfectly with other flavorings – syrups, sauces, purees, etc. – to make an almost endless menu of combinations. The Sweet Cream is a sweetened base with an ice cream-like flavor and consistency that blends beautifully to make sweet and creamy frappes.


Pacific Foods

Barista Series Soy Blenders, Blended Beverage Base and Organic Almond Milk

When nature is allowed to do its thing, foods just taste better.  Using the highest quality organic soybeans, Barista Series Soy Blenders are specially formulated to withstand the high temperatures associated with steaming – producing foam you’ll swear came from dairy milk.  The Organic Dairy Blended Beverage Base can be blended with fresh fruit, juices, espressos or teas for rich and creamy beverages, every time. The Almond Milk is organic, all-natural and vegan.

Contact Espressions today for current offerings and pricing or to schedule a tour and tasting.