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Espressions Coffee Roasters and Tea

COFFEE + TEA – Hot, Iced and Cold-Brewed

Custom Blended In-House Roasted Coffees & Iced Teas

Espressions is proud to be among the very first specialty coffee roasters in Arizona.  Customers enjoy working with master blenders, sampling single-origin coffees and then combining them to create signature blends for private label for sale by the pound or to serve by the cup.

The green bean buyers at Espressions pull from vast years of experience to stay true to the mission of sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from Latin America, Africa and the Pacific Region.  Seasoned roastmasters bring out the very best in these exceptional coffees, maintaining the quality and consistency that customers have come to expect.   

As is the case with coffee, Espressions offers clients the ability to customize black/green iced tea blends.  The black tea base is a blend of teas from China and Ceylon that produces a cloudless iced tea.  The green tea base is organic, with virtually none of the tannin usually associated with green iced teas. 

The sky is the limit on the number of flavor options available.  For an Asian concept, a mandarin orange or even a jasmine blend might make sense.  A barbeque restaurant?  Perhaps peach or watermelon.


Two Leaves and a Bud

Organic Hot Tea Sachets
It's not easy finding great organic tea. Many organic tea gardens out there convert old tea bushes to organic production, as opposed to planting tea bushes grown organically from scratch. At two leaves and a bud, they go to the gardens and seek out great organic tea. The result of their efforts are rich, complex black teas like Organic Assam Breakfast or Organic Peppermint that are Certified Organic with a taste you won't believe.

Urban Beans

"We get so many compliments on our house blend. We sell quite a lot of whole beans, a great profit center for us, and being able to tell the story of how a local coffee roaster created a blend just for Urban Beans is a great branding tool. By working closely with Espressions and relying on their expertise, we got just what we wanted; a signature coffee that is bold but with a smooth finish, unique to Urban Beans!"
Virginia Senior, Owner
Urban Beans, Phoenix

The Mission

"Customers are crazy for our coffee (The Mission house blend)! I worked extensively with Espressions to create the perfect coffee and it was definitely worth it. They truly understand the importance of complimenting a menu. Espressions is a great partner for quality, reliability and creativity."
Chef Matt Carter, Owner
The Mission, Scottsdale


"Coffee - it's the staff of life - in our home at least. As a chef, I take our 'joe' seriously, whether whipping up our fav smoky espresso, French pressing a swoon-able mug, or cold-brewing a carafe of smooth liquid joy. I liken choosing the perfect bean and roast (aka - roastery) to searching for the Holy Grail, sometimes you feel so close, but you just never quite lay your hands on it.

Finally, my search is over; the team at Espressions has created a whole lineup of exquisite options. This doesn't happen by chance - coffee roasting is as much art as it is science. Whether their latest signature blend or their multifaceted, smoky Espressiale (perfect for espresso), I am duly impressed. Espressions not only has the knowledge and expertise of a master roaster, it's tastefully obvious that they apply it in every roast they turn out. Thank you Espressions; now I can focus my efforts on enjoying the perfect cup, rather than searching for it!"

Candy Lesher, Chef & Culinary Professional

The Mission

“The team at Espressions was extremely helpful.  They welcomed us in, and most importantly, they listened.  We needed coffee and tea blends that made sense with our menu and our location at the Desert Botanical Gardens.  The coffee is well-balanced and earthy, with very low acidity, which is exactly what we wanted, and the iced tea blends incorporate flavors native to Arizona, which was even more important.  Working with Espressions was one of the best parts of opening Gertrude's.”
Stephen K. Eldridge, Executive Chef
Gertrude's, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix


“Iced tea is so popular in Arizona and we couldn't be happier with our house blend from Espressions. Our signature black iced tea has an awesome flavor combination that just works so well with our menu...and our customers love it!! Green iced tea is huge these days and the juicy green peach is perfect! Thank you, Espressions!”
Restaurant Manager