The Espressions sales team is here for you. Whether you have an existing restaurant or are in the beginning stages of business planning, our experienced sales team can assist with anything from equipment and product selection to menu development and execution.

Equipment Consulting

Espressions distributes multiple lines of commercial espresso, coffee and tea equipment. There is so much choice! Work with us to find the equipment that best fits your operation.

Product Selection

We are more than just a roastery. From syrups to sauces, and energy enhancers to barista supplies, Espressions is a proud distributor of top tier products. We have all the tools needed for you to achieve a unique and creative menu while ensuring quality and consistency.

Menu and Recipe Development

And the fun begins! Espressions is here to help you with menu and recipe development. Schedule with us today and have a blast collaborating with our team of experienced baristas.

Barista Training

Intensive Espressions barista training is designed for, and available to, our commercial clients. We gladly provide this amazing training experience with the purchase of your espresso equipment. Espressions will familiarize you with your new equipment and, most importantly, teach you how to properly execute the most flavorful drinks.

“A coffee bar is only as good as the consistency of the product from barista to barista. Espressions brought a level of professionalism, consistency and expertise to our baristas’ product that we were not able to achieve on our own. We are extremely pleased with the results of our barista training by Espressions – we highly recommend it to anyone looking for top-shelf baristas!”

Kate Tobias

buzzberry® coffee & smoothies, Scottsdale, AZ

“Espressions did an amazing job training never before baristas. From start to finish you were there to explain the littlest details, from cleaning the machine to pulling the perfect shot. We are so glad we took the barista class. ”

Marielle Boyer

Head Barista, The Boyer Bakery

“We’ve purchased two espresso machines from Espressions and have taken advantage of the barista training offered both times. We have been extremely pleased with the results. The team at Espressions is so friendly, helpful and attentive. Thank you, Espressions! You have helped our shop tremendously.”


Coffee Shop Owner